a6 Developer Logs — JOYLANCER / APR 23 2015 — v1.6 Release

(if you don’t care about all the extra info and just want to see the change log, you can find it HERE.)

hey everyone! tj here, creator of The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight! thanks for stopping by our website today. you’ll have to excuse if it looks a little messy right now, as i actually just got this layout set up recently. if you’ve peeked this page before, you probably noticed the garish layout before. it was a temp job while i fiddled with it to make it look better, but i ended up getting lost in a sea of work, as per usual. i finally managed to luck out and stumble on a really nice layout that was easy to modify, and here we are!

i wanted to try something a little “different” this time — hosting this development log on our actual site! WHOAAAAA. i hope you’re strapped in, because this is gonna be a long one. but i also hope it’s a substantial one, that brings everyone up to speed on our game, and maybe even understand a little bit of our methods behind this game and why things are how they are.


we’ve been super busy for the last few weeks putting in some hard work on the game. Jesse (Joylancer programmer) has been busting his ass cranking out some really great work re-coding some systems in order to add support for lots of new things… so you know what, i know that you all want us to get straight down to brass tacks and show how much stuff we’ve been doing in the last few weeks of development, and why the update took so long to launch!

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