Notes on The White Diner: Afraid of the Contradictions

The White Diner by HawkSandwich is yet another in a long list of games made for jams for which the developer has neither the time nor resources to make anything particularly elaborate. The best of these games tend to be the result of focused vision on one or two particularly […]

Notes on Rainy Day (DEMO): High Intensity Platforming Action

Rainy Day by Toulou is a very promising platformer demo available to play for free in your browser via The game, in its current form, is very short. The few available stages, most of which consist of an early-game tutorial, are playable in minutes, but as the difficulty scales […]

Notes on Pieces: Flint: I’m the Firestarter

Pieces: Flint is a very short puzzle game by developer kimsan, available for download on It’s shorter than I expected, actually, and from what I could gather the solution is much more straightforward than I originally assumed. The Unity game is split into three chapters, denoted by three stanzas […]

Notes on David Lynch Teaches Typing: Click on the Undulating Bug

David Lynch Teaches Typing is an absolute delight. It’s easy for me to say that, as a diehard fan of Lynch’s work and as a complete sucker for weird shit like this, but I am being completely sincere. I love everything about this. I won’t even attempt to feign neutrality […]

Lessons in PR with THQ Nordic

In late February, another videogame company embarrassed itself in public. I am sure this will happen again, and that everything I have to say about this will be entirely relevant to whatever the new controversy is, but I wanted to articulate some thoughts that have been bouncing around anyway. This […]

Notes on EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK: Actually It Isn’t

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK by alienmelon, a.k.a Nathalie Lawhead is an incredible game. Scratch that, it’s an incredible achievement, regardless of medium. This funny, sad and deeply personal work is so rich and vast I hardly know where to begin picking it apart, but I’ll try to match […]

The Incredible Vanishing Game Developer

I sat on this one too long and the moment’s passed. What else is new, right? I’ve never been good at being topical, or snappy, or brief, and it all works to my disadvantage. Especially now, with everything coming and going so fast. I played Bandersnatch twice in a row, […]

Notes on Rainstorm EP: Comforting Gaming Experiences

I was recently sent a pre-release copy of Rainstorm EP released by Ice Water Games, a small development collective consisting of thirteen members and which is run as a nonprofit*, or as they describe it on their site, “a democratically run games label […] controlled collectively by the membership.” Their […]

Notes on Signed by ’89: Stuck in the Groove

Signed by ‘89 by Tim Knauf is a short, comedic adventure game made in virtual console PICO-8 for #LOWREZJAM2018. It follows the story of Petra, the guitarist of a four-person rock band who, along with bandmates Jen (vocalist) and Vin (drummer), has revived the group in the hopes of getting […]