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Raizing / Eighting / 8ing

Raizing, also known as Eighting Co. LTD. / 8ing, is a Japanese game developer and publisher, well known for their contributions to the arcade shooting game genre. Raizing acted as the development branch of the company, Eighting functioning as the publishing branch. Raizing was comprised of former Compile and Toaplan employees, including Sotoyama Yuuichi, Kazuyuki Nakashima, Yokoo Kenichi, and Shinobu Yagawa. Yagawa was involved in programming for the games Battle Garegga, Armed Police Batrider, and Battle Bakraid, and he would eventually move on to work at CAVE, contributing to various projects such as DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label.

Raizing was incorporated into Eighting in 2000, and they have effectively ended development of shoot-em-ups since then.

Shooting games developed by Raizing
Game Year Publisher
Sorcer Striker / Mahou Daisakuken 1993 Eighting
Kingdom Grand Prix 1994 Eighting
Battle Garegga 1996 Eighting
Terra Diver/ Soukyugurentai 1996 Eighting
Armed Police Batrider 1998 Eighting
Battle Bakraid 1999 Eighting (dev)
Dimahoo / Great Mahou Daisakuken 2000 Capcom
1944: The Loop Master 2000 Capcom