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Guwange ぐわんげ

Guwange was the last game developed by Cave for their 1st gen hardware.

It was originally released in the arcades in 1999, and later ported to Xbox 360.

A variation of the game with altered scoring system called "Special Version" or "Blue Label" exists. It is a simple rom swap on PCB, and available in the 360 port.

Gameplay Overview

Guwange is a vertical shooter with a walking character and levels scrolling both vertically and horizontally.

  • A (Press): Shot.
  • A (Hold): "Shikigami" attack.
  • B: Bomb
    • When holding B after bombing, you can move the stick to control the direction of the bomb.
  • C: A Auto-fire if enabled in the game's test menu.


Shishin : Dude with mask

  • -- Shot can be aimed left/right a bit when moving.
  • -- Average movement speed

Shishin: Girl with wolf

  • -- Shots fire straight
  • -- Fast movement speed
  • -- Shikigami attack leave napalm trails

Gensuke: Dude with glasses

  • -- Shots are wide but straight
  • -- Slow movement speed

Health pickups

There are three types of health pickups. - Small: Restores some health in the current health bar. - Medium: Restores one full health bar. - Large: Restores all health.

Stage 3

Destroy the biggest statue first at the end of the horizontally scrolling section (small health pickup)

Stage 4

Destroy the midboss with shikigami attack (medium health pickup)

Stage 5

Destroy the tank before the boss (small health pickup)

Stage 6

On the spider section, killing spiders will grant health pickups. First a small, then a medium and then a large assuming enough spiders are killed.

Each cart at the section towards the end grants a small health pickup.

The right three at the first phase of the boss gives a medium health pickup.


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