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Danmaku Unlimited 2

Gameplay Overview



Ship Upgrades



  • Orbs: (WIP)
  • Multiplier Crystals: Increase the stage multiplier value (the exact value added to the multiplier has yet to be determined, it should be somewhere between 0.05 and 0.10 in Burst mode and appears to be higher than that in Classic mode).
In Burst mode, crystals are generated by cancelling bullets with the burst laser. Additionally, destroying an enemy with the burst will cause all of their bullets to turn into crystals as well. During Trance most regular enemies will also turn their bullets into crystals upon being destroyed. However, there is one exception: Enemies which cancel their bullets without turning them into items upon being destroyed without a laser or Trance will turn their bullets into Golden stars upon being destroyed with a laser in Trance.
In Classic mode, (WIP).
  • Blue Stars: (WIP)
  • Golden Stars: (WIP)


Scoring in Danmaku Unlimited 2 is exponential. The goal is to continuously build up the scoring factors from the start to the end of the run and prevent them from getting reset by getting hit or losing a ship for as far into the run as possible. This section will list all scoring factors and conclude with how to cash in on score efficiently.

  • Stage Multiplier: The stage multiplier multiplies any points obtained. After clearing a stage its value does not get carried over to the next stage. Instead, a fraction of its value will be added to the Trance multiplier (Easy: 1/20, Normal: 3/40, Hard: 1/8, Extreme: 1/4). The base value is increased by collecting Multiplier Crystals. In Burst mode the multiplier will be multiplied by 4 during Trance. Getting hit while Trance is not active will half the stage multiplier. Losing a ship will reset its base value to 1.
  • Graze: The graze counter gets increased by 1 with every projectile grazed by the ship. However, once the ship gets hit the graze counter will be reset to 0.
  • Trance Multiplier: The Trance multiplier multiplies the point value during Trance. Its value gets increased at the end of every stage by a fraction of the end stage multiplier. Losing a ship will reset its value to 1.
  • Points: Points is a factor used for scoring which results out of the graze counter and the Trance multiplier. Its base value is Graze*16. During Trance the value will be multiplied by the Trance Multiplier. It caps at 9,999,999pts.

There are multiple ways to score in the game:

  • Destroying enemies: Apart from the stage multiplier and the points value, two additional factors determine the amount of score obtained by destroying enemies:
    • Enemy value: [needs more research]
    • Proximity Multiplier: The proximity multiplier multiplies the score obtained by an enemy. This multiplier is bigger based on how close the player ship is. Its highest value is 76. If the player ship is too far away, its value is 1 and doesn't get displayed.
The ascertained formula for score obtained by destroying an enemy is: (enemy value + points value) * proximity multiplier * stage multiplier. Since the stage multiplier has more decimal places than displayed, calculations based on the displayed factors are likely to be slightly off.
  • Damaging enemies: [needs more research]
  • Collecting stars: [needs more research]
  • Flawless Phase Bonus: [needs more research]
  • Stage Clear Bonus: [needs more research]


Static patterns

Bullets with special properties


  1. Gameplay Overview (WIP) provided by AlvaLynsis