alpha six productions began as a solo label for game developer / animator / composer tj thomas, formerly of the Las Vegas area.
motivated to take his ideas to bigger places, he found himself leaving the west side desert in search of a future in games and life worth chasing. 

since moving to the Pacific Northwest area and planting the seeds of growth in Seattle, Washington, alpha six productions has grown into a six-person alternative games collective, with the unified goal of creating and supporting interesting and exciting works of art from all stretches of life.

a6 became a duo upon introducing Jesse “Super Blizzard” Burnett as an element of the studio in 2014, with the two combining brains to ramp up the action in The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight. adding three more to the mix, Greg “jetgreguar” Goodson, Rory “puppytube” Frances, and Nero “trumpetshark” O’Reilly joined the group for Project DesperadoGoetic, and a variety of future projects. finally completing the circle with an even six, Lulu “BlueSweatshirt” Blue became a member of a6 in the beginning of January 2015, for a project to be announced in the first quarter of 2015.

the six-person collective was not just haphazardly formed out of friendships, nor recklessly formed under a desire to get rich and penetrate the AAA game industry;
every single person has their own unique style and skill set outside of games (whether it be animation, music, comics, what have you), and it is how these elements combine that attract all of us to cooperation.
we all have different goals and come from different lifestyles that form an extremely varied and unique team, all with the talent and energy to realize their dreams and passions in art.
we believe that anyone can do anything by themselves, but with just the right teamdoing the right things is how you get the truly fantastic and creative work to form — and it doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand around.


tj thomas / @TRONMAXIMUM

“The Prez” / Director & Producer / Pixel Artist / Animator / Game Designer / Character Designer / Concept Artist / Musician / Head Black Guy

solaris [2013] – (Solo)
The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight [2014 / 2015] – (Creator, Director & Producer, Animator, Designer, Composer)
GLASS CANNONS [2014 / 2015] – (Background Designer, Producer)
Project Desperado [TBD 2015] – (Creator)

“officially” starting his venture into the world of games in 2008, tj has been steadily sharpening his self-taught skills as a pixel artist, game designer and composer. his animation work can be found in a variety of titles by a large amount of developers, both large and small, with WayForward, Nicalis, and Lab Zero Games. he loves bubble tea and black metal.

releasing his first project, Navigator, in 2011, originally under his former DIGITAL HAVEN ENTERTAINMENT label, alpha six productions began its venture into “serious” game development with The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight, and the upcoming Project Desperado.
a lot of his work is heavily experimental, but tends to lean more towards the “hardcore action” edge– reflecting his love for extreme action games by Japanese studios such as PlatinumGames and Treasure.

while most of his talent is in the art game, one of tj’s most important roles is as Producer of all a6 titles, making sure everything and everyone stays as neatly organized as possible, especially when the team is working on multiple projects all at once.

tj (and a6)’s work can be supported via a6’s, or through t’s various Bandcamp pages.


Jesse Burnett / @SuperBlizzard

Lead Programmer / Pixel Artist / Game Designer / Musician

The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight [2014 / 2015] – (Programmer, Asst. Pixel Artist)
GLASS CANNONS [2014 / 2015] – (Programmer, Artist & Animator)
Project Desperado [TBD 2015] – (Programmer)

Jesse takes the role as the “lead” programmer of the team; originally being the only programmer in the squad (tj barely counts), he joined the team as the Joylancer programmer in March, and is the creator of the internal engine that a6 thrives on within Game Maker:Studio.

Jesse is an enormous wrestling fan, which is something that is very commonly reflected in his work; music, pixel doodles, and, of course, games. one of his ultimate goals under a6 is to create the world’s greatest wrestling game and re-invigorate the N64 era. his ability to look at a new update to the team’s toolset and almost instantly figure out how it works and implement it into our engine is second-to-none, and local rumors say that he might actually be a Mega Man.

his independent work under SUPERB LIZARD can be found on his page.


Lulu Blue / @BlueSweatshirt

UI Programmer / Game Designer / Pixel Artist / Character Designer / Concept Artist / Musician

Unannounced 2015 Title “PROJECT IRENE” [TBD] – (Asst. Director, UI Programmer, Designer)

Lulu is a new addition to the a6 roster, but a perfect fit to the team, and by no means an amateur; she’s been making solo games for years, occasionally collaborating with tj on small ideas in the past. like Jesse & tj, she provides a huge variety of skills, all with her own unique spice to them, and her UI design is unparalleled.

creating visually stimulating and engaging titles like Fantastic Witch Collective, Star Bizarre, and Filo Filo Disco, her style brings a special kind of joy and queerness to the crew that helps complete the full “six” in what is probably the greatest way imaginable.

her independent work can also be supported on Patreon, and her games are available for purchase on


Greg “Wheaties” Goodson / @jetgreguar

Illustrator / Character Designer / Concept Artist / Voice Actor / Other Black Guy

The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight [2014 / 2015] – (Promotional Artist)
GLASS CANNONS [2014 / 2015] – (Creator, Artist)
Project Desperado [TBD 2015] – (Artist, Character Designer)

Greg is the resident artist of a6, currently contributing his slick, stylish, hard action art style to the fast-paced, extreme action of The Joylancer with his incredible promotional art. when we think of cool angles, expressive poses, and color palettes that jump straight out of the work, we think of Greg. he is also one of the key artists for Project Desperado, with his extremely expressive style being core to the experience of the game.

his specialty is in comics work, and is occasionally available for you to draw him stuff for money. also, he is definitely a lion given human form. check out his portfolio if you still need convincing.


Rory Frances / @puppytube

Illustrator / Concept Artist / Background Artist / Con Goblin

Goetic [TBD 2015] – (Creator, Artist)
Project Desperado [TBD 2015] – (Artist, Character Designer)

Rory is an extremely talented comic artist with an extremely unique painterly style and an extremely good eye for original character and environmental design. while preparing for work on Project Desperado, he has also done artwork for Goetic, his highly action game that he’ll be taking to the next level with a6.

when not doing a6 artwork, he can be found gooning around random cons in Seattle, or handling business with Big Teeth and his Patreon.


Nero O’Reilly / @trumpetshark

Illustrator / Concept Artist / Background Artist

Project Desperado [TBD 2015] – (Background Artist)

Adding onto our extremely varied team is Nero, the creator of Carnivore Planet— a cyberpunk anarchist comic adventure–, and a variety of other works that can be found on his personal homepage (may be NSFW). obviously, cyberpunk anarchy is a6’s general mantra, making him a perfect fit for the team. his grungy art style speaks for itself, and is going to be one of the things that makes Project Desperado really shine.

Nero and Carnivore Planet can both be found on Patreon.